Fairy Birthday Party II – Kids Birthday Parties


I can honestly say that I spent numerous hours preparing for my daughters 3rd birthday party. I had so much fun planning out every little detail. Please see my all of our handiwork below in our Fairy Birthday Party Pre-planning Gallery.

My mother (Mary) helped shop for most of the items that we ended up displaying on our feature table. She also did the majority of the table-setting for the party. I gave her a theme and some ideas and she just ran with it. We work so well together!

How Did They Do That?

Apple Slices: Chopped my apples (bought from local apple farm) and then dipped into pre-made caramel sauce (bought at supermarket) and just warmed the sauce in the microwave before dipping. I inserted a toothpick into the apple slices before dipping. Super quick, cute and so DELICIOUS! I finished off the apples by sprinkling on colorful edible sprinkles.  Finished Product – Pictures Coming Soon..

Edible Hot Pink Mushrooms: My mother found marshmallow puffs called Snow Balls at our local grocery store. I added a little white frosting to the bottom of the puff and 2 marshmallows. I would HIGHLY recommend by the X-tra large marshmallows instead of using two of the regular sized ones. You can find the X-tra large ones at Wal-mart. They typically use these for smores. The snowballs are YUMMY.

Pasta Salad – Recipe coming soon along with shopping and to-do list for the party.  Pictures Coming Soon..

Cupcake Mix and Tricks – I will share these with you soon!  Pictures Coming Soon..

Pumpkins and Fairy Wands: I placed $1 store pumpkins at each child’s plate and a cupcake holder filled with Autumn and birthday stickers. As the children started arriving at the party they sat at the table and decorated their pumpkins and fairy wands. I spent roughly around $7 per child altogether on goody bag stuff!  Pictures Coming Soon..

Fairy Wands: Fairy wands were placed in a large hot pink pumpkin (Since it’s October) with a printable on the side that said “Magic Fairy Wands” Pictures Coming Soon...

Table Cloths: We used a pink table cloth with tule wrapped around the edge of the table and a lace tablecloth in the middle of the table.

Cupcake Toppers – I printed off these cute pre-made cupcake toppers and placed on strip of tape onto the back with a toothpick! Super Quick and it transforms the cupcakes! Finished Cupcakes –  Pictures Coming Soon..

Goody Bags – I gave each child a box of colorful marshmallows, fairy crayons (with thank you tag attached), pumpkins with stickers they made, fairy wands and fairy wings. They had a bunch of cute stuff to take home after the party!

Table Setting – We placed the white platters (purchased at Wal-Mart) onto the table 1st to get an idea of where we wanted everything to go before the big day on Friday.  Pictures Coming Soon..

Cake Stand – We used a small white column and placed it in back of the table. We used a cake stand to display the cupcakes on in the front of the table. We used elevated stands to give them interest on the table.

Apothecary Jars – Filled with various types of marshmallows (solid pink, colorful and ice-cream shape).

Tree Branch- My mother took a tree branch from outside and spray painted it white. Next, we covered the tree in hot pink Christmas decorations (butterflies and birds) that just clipped onto the branches. We also attached little cut-out fairies used from my fairy themed printable collection.  Pictures Coming Soon..

Green Place-mats – We used green place-mats (left over from the summer decor) to give the pink table cloth color.

Pink Berry Wreath- We added the wreath around the rim of the apothecary jar to give it some color. Typically these small wreaths are used to go around candle holders!

Juice box holder – Juice boxes displayed in basket lined with pink shredded paper ( shredded paper typically used in gift bags or Easter baskets)


Picture of the Pink Fairies Package that I ordered

Pink Fairy Birthday Party Package Personalized FULL Collection Set - PRINTABLE DIY - BX22x

To Be Continued …..Check back with MommyDecorates.com tomorrow for a tons of pictures of our completed “Fairy Birthday Party”.


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