Happy Valentines Day Mantel

  Happy Valentines Day Mantel Ideas Cute Idea: Hang up a handmade or store-bought Valentines Day garland on your mantel. Next,  setup a sweet dinner in front of the fire-place picnic style. Make sure that you crank up the fire-place and showcase that beautiful heart garland.  I hope that you have a Happy and Sweet Valentines dinner!   Related posts: Ideas For Decorating Your Fireplace Mantel For Fall Time Fireplace Mantel Decorated For Easter Decorate Fireplace Mantel With Easter & Spring {Read More}

Love Box For Valentines Day

Create A Love Box For Valentines Day A Sweet And Cute Way To Remember To LOVE  Your Family Today!  I woke up this morning and decided that I have a serious addiction to my cell phone. I mean I carry it with me everywhere I go and all over the house. I catch myself constantly checking to see if I have any messages or texts. Well, I decided this morning that it was time to stop using my cell phone {Read More}

Quick & Easy Valentines Day Glass Jars – Craft Using Chalkboard Labels

  Do you need a quick and easy Valentines Day idea for your child’s school party? Do you need a Valentines Day gift for your friend or child’s teacher? Take a look at my 2 quick and easy Valentines Day crafts that you can whip up in 30 minutes or less! Quick & Easy Valentines Day Glass Jars & Picture Frame Craft Using Chalkboard Labels  What You Need: Baby food Jars (clean them out before using) Roll  out chalkboard paper {Read More}

Last Minute Valentines Day Craft – Felt Envelope

No Sewing Required! Do you need to make a last minute Valentines Day craft for your little ones class ? Well, take a look at this super easy felt envelope that your children can whip up within a few minutes. NO sewing required either – Just all hot-glue (but you could also use fabric glue).   Valentines Day Felt Envelope & How To Make One What you need to make 4 Valentines Day felt envelopes 4 pieces of white felt (1 {Read More}

Pink And Gray Valentines Day Party Decorating Tips

Valentines Day will be here before you know it. I am so excited to share with you all the details from the Pink & Gray Valentines Day party.  I called Kasia from Kasia Sutton Photography and had her come over to take all of the gorgeous pictures. She did a fabulous job and made this party extra special and stress-free! Take a look at the pictures that she did for the party. Amazing, right? Adorable, Right ? Take A Look At Our {Read More}

Pink & Gray Valentines Day Party “Girls Just Want To Have Fun”

This little girl is enjoying some Rasberry Rabbit Tea from Tea Leaves And Thyme  and the adorable pink and gray chevron dress is from Rags To Ruffles  I absolutely love Valentines Day and of course all of the cute pink and red decorations. Well, this year I am obsessed with anything in a chevron print and the color gray.  Well, I decided to throw an impromptu Valentines Day party for my daughter and three of her friends, so I decided to go {Read More}

DIY Pom-Pom Cake Stand

Are you looking for a quick and easy way to incorporate a little Valentines Day decor into your home today. Well, I have a super-easy DIY pom-pom cake stand for you to make today. You can dress-up your white cake-stand by attaching pom-pom fringe around the edge of the cake-stand. What you need:  White cake stand Colored pom-pom in white, pink or red  Hot glue gun and / glue stick and or double-sided clear tape Scissors Directions:  Cut the pom-pom {Read More}

Valentines Craft Heart

Valentines Craft Heart Painting Project   I’m sure that you have an extra toilet paper roll around your home somewhere, so grab it and make this cute little heart art project. What You Need: Toilet paper roll (bend the end in a shape of a heart) Red and pink paint We used a $1 store bought heart shaped box as a stencil, but you can use cookie cutters too Directions:  Have fun and stamp away! I made this cute little {Read More}

Valentines Day Apothecary Jars And Clear Vases

Valentines Day Apothecary Jars And Clear Vases  Do you need a little Valentines Day inspiration to help fill your apothecary jars and clear vases ? Fill your apothecary jar or clear vase with cute little heart-shape marbles 21 Filler Ideas For Your Valentines Day Apothecary Jars And Clear Vases Pink or clear heart-shaped marbles Real candle
s (pink, white and red) for Valentines Day Potpourri 
(I use this one a lot because it’s cheap and it looks gorgeous) You can even {Read More}

Pink And Red Valentines Day Decor

Pink And Red Valentines Day Decor I absolutely love shopping for Valentines Day decor for my home. I think that it’s because my favorite color is splashed all over my house this time of the year. I absolutely love decorating with the color pink everywhere. Mary absolutely loves decorating her home using candles for Valentines Day. She came up with some really great ideas for decorating with pink and red Valentines Day candles.   Valentines Day Decor Idea – Display the {Read More}

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