Pink And Gray Valentines Day Party Decorating Tips

Valentines Day will be here before you know it. I am so excited to share with you all the details from the Pink & Gray Valentines Day party.  I called Kasia from Kasia Sutton Photography and had her come over to take all of the gorgeous pictures. She did a fabulous job and made this party extra special and stress-free! Take a look at the pictures that she did for the party. Amazing, right?

Adorable, Right ? Take A Look At Our Party Decor!


Valentines Day Party - Pink And Gray Theme

The buffet table set-up using Pink & Gray colors as my theme! 

V party-06

I taped cute little $1.00 store dolily’s on the back of the chairs.

V party-05

I used cute little baby food jars for on the table (tutorial coming soon)

V party-04

Cake-pop arrangement from Cupcakelicious as the centerpiece for the table.

V party-02

Cute little cupcake-toppers / circle printables that Rocajo Studio designed for us. We used throughout the party. Subscribe to this blog and we will send you a link to download the printables for free! 

V party-07

Cute little chocolate dipped peanut butter and jelly sandwiches from Tea Leaves & Thyme! 

V party-03

Download this cute little “circle” printable  from Racajo Studio for FREE! Just Subscribe to our blog and we’ll email you a link to download 4 Pink & Gray Valentines Day printables.

V party-08

Black and white straws place in a baby food jar (tutorials coming soon)

V party-09

Lollipops from Cupcakelicious 

V party-10

I wanted to display the cupcakes on something for a dramatic “look”, so I chose this gorgeous cupcake stand. 

V party-11

Mary found this cute heart-shaped chalkboard at a local craft store. We filled the mini coke glasses with Rasberry Rabbit Tea from Tea Leaves & Thyme

V party-12

I filled up the baby food jars with pink heart-shaped marshmallows (tutorials coming soon)

V party-13

Delicious cupcakes from Cupcakelicious topped with a lollipop

V party-16

I put some of the cupcakes in a plastic tea-cup

V party-14

V party-17

Scones from Tea Leaves & Thyme displayed  in a clear tall glass 

V party-15

V party-18

V party-19

V party-20

V party-22

V party-26

V party-27

V party-29

I placed the little girl’s necklaces inside these cute little felt envelopes that I made on a “whim” that morning before the party. Tutorials coming soon

V party-28

Cute necklaces for each little girl from Gumball Necklaces 

V party-31

Light Tea from Tea Leaves & Thyme for the Mommy’s

V party-36

V party-37

Valentines Day Party

Just use the squeeze frosting around the rim of the glass and dip into pink sugar

I hope that you will gather friends over for this quick and easy “impromptu” Pink & Gray Valentines Day party. I  have lots of adorable ideas to share with you that you can just make on a whim for this party!  



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