Showing Your Children Grace

Grace we expect it, but how often do we extend it to our families……

Oh My - My daughter falling down the stairs - Still trying to strike a pose!

Oh My – My daughter falling down the stairs – Still trying to strike a pose!

I began reading the book of Exodus in the Bible a few weeks ago. As I was having my quiet time alone with God this morning,  He spoke to me clearly about grace. I tend to pray daily and ask God to have grace on me with different situations because I’m  not perfect and tend to mess up in just about every area of my life. For example, “Oh Lord, I just really messed up and said things that I shouldn’t have to my spouse and made him mad, so please have grace on me and forgive me today “.

What Does The Bible Say About God’s Grace?

When Moses asked to see the glory of God, he heard the following words in a loud voice “The Lord, the Lord God, merciful and gracious, long-sfuffering, and abounding in goodness and truth” (34:6) New King James Version

What Does That Mean To Me ?

Wow! It amazes me how gracious and good our God really is to His children. I am learning a great deal about mercy with my own children. It’s very easy for me to always expect and demand that my children obey, give me respect and follow the house rules, but how often do I give them mercy when they fail my expectations.

Honestly, it was something that hit me hard this morning in my quiet-time with the Lord. I think that it’s appropriate to discipline our children when they disobey us, but I think that there are times when we can also extend mercy to them. It’s important that our children have a strong sense of security knowing that it’s okay if they mess up because we will always love them and forgive them no matter what happened, but that doesn’t free them from consequences.  I think that it’s important for my children to know that I love them and will continue to love them even when the mess up. I learned this morning that I need to model grace and forgiveness to them, so they will see God through me. I want God’s love to shine through me!

Extending Grace In The New Year….

I am working on extending grace and forgiveness to my family and most of all my children this year. I tend to have very high expectations for them following the rules, so this is an area that I am working on.

I’m praying that God will have grace with me as I try to grow in this area.



Blessings to you today!

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