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Look For Ways To Give Everyday Tasks Meaning

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Is your “Mommy” To-Do list overwhelming ? Do you ever feel that your work at home is meaningless in the grand scheme of life, so you just put off doing them. For instance, I would rather play with my kids, then fold that HUGE pile of clothes in my laundry basket or prep food (chop vegetables and marinate chicken) for tonight’s dinner.

Tasks that may overwhelm you:

  1. cleaning toilets
  2. ironing
  3. scrubbing showers
  4. folding laundry
  5. making school lunches
  6. mopping floors
  7. vacuuming floors
  8. sweeping
  9. cleaning toys off the floor
  10. dusting

Well, I completely understand and some days I just feel exhausted and overwhelmed with my “Mommy” list, so I just put it off!   This morning a light bulb went off in my head. What if I I gave my mundane tasks a whole new makeover ? What would happen to my day and how would I think about my everyday tasks ?

Each time you are faced with a boring or tedious task simply stop and give your everyday tasks meaning and try to do it with a thankful heart.

How to give your everyday tasks meaning:

  • Folding your families laundry – Be thankful that you have a family (each family member) to fold laundry for today.
  • Packing lunches – Be thankful that you have a convenient grocery store to shop for you kids lunches and that you have food to prepare the lunches with today.
  • Cleaning dishes – Be thankful that you have food to scrape off the dishes
  • Vacuuming floors – Be thankful that you have floors to clean
  • Cleaning toilets – Be thankful that you have running water 🙂
  • Scrubbing showers – Be thankful that you can easily clean yourself anytime
  • Ironing your husband’s work shirt- Be thankful that he has a job to go to today!

Find ways to enjoy your home today and enjoy all the little tasks that we do!


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