Baby Boy Nursery And Infant Room Ideas

Baby Boy Nursery And Infant Room Ideas My baby boy is growing up so fast, but I thought that you might want to take a peak into his little room before I change it into a toddler room. Baby Boy And Infant Room Theme:  Sheep / Lambs Colors: Dark brown, light brown, cream, hint of red and navy blue with a splash of baby blues here and there Furniture: Crib found at Walmart, toy bin at Pottery Barn and dresser {Read More}

Showing Grace To Our Children

Grace we expect it, but how often do we extend it to our families…… I began reading the book of Exodus in the Bible a few weeks ago. As I was having my quiet time alone with God this morning,  He spoke to me clearly about grace. I tend to pray daily and ask God to have grace on me with different situations because I’m  not perfect and tend to mess up in just about every area of my life. {Read More}

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