DIY Craft And Decorating Ideas With A Glass Dome Cloche

Cloche Decor

DIY Craft And Decorating Ideas With A Glass Dome Cloche

Glass And Bunny Decoration

What is a cloche ?

Well, in the gardening world is a type of cover or dome that covers plants from the harsh weather.

Decorating your home with our version of a cloche

Well, at Mommy Decorates  we love making unique seasonal crafts for our home.  Mary found in-expensive stemless wine glasses at the $1 store  and decided it would make the perfect cloche for her next Spring craft project.

Decorator’s Tip

  • Mary found 2 really cute Spring figurines (1 small bunny and 1 larger bunny)  that she wanted to use for this project. The $1 store has a lot of great little figurines that you could purchase for this craft project.
  • Mary hot-glued the small bunny on the bottom of the stemless glass and let it dry. You could also use gorilla glue for extra strength.
  • Next you will want to find a really cool candle stick that has a base just a bit bigger than the base of the stemless wine glass.
  • Gather some moss, brown straw or rocks and place on top of the  candle stick.
  • Mary placed a cute Spring bunny figurine on top of the moss and then placed the stemless wine glass on top to create a dome / cloche.

Gift Idea

This would make a really cute in-expensive hostess gift for a friend. 

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Photography by: Kasia Sutton Photography 

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Photography by: Kasia Sutton Photography 

Glass And Bunny Decoration

Let me know what you think of this cute little Spring craft project in the comments below! We love to hear from our readers!


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