Cute Spring Decor Using Moss And Birds


Cute Spring Decor Using Moss And Birds

Welcome Spring By Using Cute $1 Store Birds

I absolutely love Spring-time and the nice warm weather. You see, I love bringing certain elements of nature inside my home like birds. Well, I decided to decorate my empty table in my den by adding  a little moss and a few $1 store birds along with a few baskets. Thanks Mary (my mom) for buying the cute birds at the $1 store for me 🙂 

Easter And Spring Table Decor Ideas


All you need to do is buy a small bag of moss at any craft store and seperate it into little pieces and place the ceramic birds on-top. 

Table Decor For Easter / Spring

Glass Dome

Mary used a clear glass dome over her pre-made birdhouse and birds nest –  Just add a little moss too!

Spring Decor Using Birds

 Photography By: Kasia Sutton Photography




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