How To Live Out Your Dream As A Stay-At-Home Mommy

How To Live Out Your Dream As A Stay-At-Home-Mommy

How To Live Out Your Dream As A Stay-At-Home Mommy

It all started in 2003….God set a dream in my heart that I didn’t even think twice about not implementing. You see, I’ve struggled over the years with other “Dreams” that have come in and out of my heart because I was never sure if it was God telling me to go forward or not, so most of the time I’ve shrugged it off and moved on, till I started this blog Mommy Decorates back in October 2012.

Well, let’s go back a little bit here….

God gave me a vision and a plan for a company that I stared back in 2003 called Georgia’s Dream Nannies, Inc. I honestly cannot even explain to you all of the details, but God moved in a mighty way and helped me create one of Georgia’s finest and most highly reccomended nanny services around the state. I honestly give all of the glory to God and His plans. I was just the messanger and followed His calling when I created the company. I can honestly tell you that I woke up one day and looked at my husband and told him that I was going to start a nanny service.  He encouraged me and believed in my dreams 100% and told me to go for it and create Georgia’s Dream Nannies (that was over 10-years ago).  You see, I grew up in a family where everyone owned their own successful business and worked hard for a living. I saw first-hand how to create a business from scratch, the sweat it took to run a business with employees, the hard work and creativity that it took to open one up when no-one else is holding your hand. I personally put forth the time and effort that it took and opened up my business WITHOUT anyone else helping me out (God’s direction).

How To Live Out Your Dream As A Stay-At-Home Mommy

I currently still work with my company Georgia’s Dream Nannies, but I just don’t put in the 50+ hour work-week like I used to in the old days. After I had children, I felt a stirring in my heart to start a blog, but I honestly did not even know what a blog looked like or how to even find one on the internet till I came across a site called Pinterest. I found lots of great blogs on there, so I started studying other blogs to see what in the world they wrote about each week and started compiling my own ideas.

A couple of years passed and I still felt a strong pull to start a decorating blog, so I prayed a little harder and then jumped in whole-hearted and studied for hundreds of hours. I would get up at 5:00 am while my family slept and researched how to build a blog on Word Press. I watched a ton of videos and read a lot of articles and then decided that I could make one on my own blog and did it. I am still learning day-by-day what works and doesn’t work for my Mommy Decorates blog and it’s a very slow learning process for me, but I’m having so much fun sharing with the world about my life and decorating…………. 

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