Decorating With Pine Cones And A Clear Vase

Winter Decorating

Decorating With Snow-Capped Pinecones And A Clear Vase

My mother is truly one of the most talented decorators. Mary came up  with a fabulous and super easy decorating idea that I would like to share with you.

Give your Valentines Day vase a new purpose this Winter

I know that many of you will receive gorgeous roses from your husband’s this Valentines Day 2013, so why not re-use that giant clear vase for a winter centerpiece on your dining room table or kitchen table. I actually use my vase (picture below) on the sofa table. *For picture purposes only I placed it on my coffee table*

How did she do that

My mother went outside and collected real pinecones in the woods and then lightly spray-painted them white to make it look like snow. Next, she layered the pine-cones in the large clear vase and topped them off with pinecone branches (fake). You could also top off the vase with just branches from outside if you wanted to as well.


Clear Vase And Pinecones

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