Thankful Tuesday


Thankful Tuesday – I am thankful for my husband today!  I absolutely love Tuesday’s. I know that this might sound a little silly, but I’m not a fan of Monday because I’m getting back into the grind of things and getting ready to go full speed ahead for the week.  I’m always back on track by Tuesday and have my week planned out and feel organized by this day. Well, as I was thinking today I felt that I needed to call today Thankful Tuesday and reflect on what I am thankful for today.


I am thankful for my amazing husband who puts up with me and my quirks, adores me, and most of all loves me at all costs. He is God’s perfect gift to me (well okay he’s not-perfect, but that is okay with me). He loves the fact that I change our home decor every season. You know, he doesn’t even mind bunnies all over the house for Easter. Yes, he is truly a God-given gift for me.

Well, my husband surprised me a little over a week ago and planned a trip with our church to the mountains for a marriage retreat. We had such a nice and relaxing weekend without the kiddo’s. Check out the picture below from our church retreat. I just love how peaceful the pictures looks and how you just want to pull up a rocking chair and sit down on the front porch and sip lemonade with your best friend!


Thankful Tuesday's

My challenge to you on Thankful Tuesday – What are you thankful for today ? 

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