Quick & Easy Valentines Day Glass Jars – Craft Using Chalkboard Labels

  Do you need a quick and easy Valentines Day idea for your child’s school party? Do you need a Valentines Day gift for your friend or child’s teacher? Take a look at my 2 quick and easy Valentines Day crafts that you can whip up in 30 minutes or less! Quick & Easy Valentines Day Glass Jars & Picture Frame Craft Using Chalkboard Labels  What You Need: Baby food Jars (clean them out before using) Roll  out chalkboard paper {Read More}

Pink And Red Valentines Day Decor

Pink And Red Valentines Day Decor I absolutely love shopping for Valentines Day decor for my home. I think that it’s because my favorite color is splashed all over my house this time of the year. I absolutely love decorating with the color pink everywhere. Mary absolutely loves decorating her home using candles for Valentines Day. She came up with some really great ideas for decorating with pink and red Valentines Day candles.   Valentines Day Decor Idea – Display the {Read More}

Decorating With Pine Cones And A Clear Vase

Winter Decorating Decorating With Snow-Capped Pinecones And A Clear Vase My mother is truly one of the most talented decorators. Mary came up  with a fabulous and super easy decorating idea that I would like to share with you. Give your Valentines Day vase a new purpose this Winter I know that many of you will receive gorgeous roses from your husband’s this Valentines Day 2013, so why not re-use that giant clear vase for a winter centerpiece on your {Read More}

Winter Decorating – Valentines Style

Winter Decorating – Valentines Style   Add a pretty flower pot and angel to your couch today for an instant Valentines Day touch! Change the plates on your plate-rack – Replace your everyday plates with beautiful red heart plates! Decorate your fireplace this Winter – Use rustic looking candleholders and place pinecone candles on top.  Decorate Your kitchen island with this cute hot chocolate display. Just add cute little “dessert” candles  Decorate your entryway with an angel and beautiful flowers {Read More}

Burlap Wreath – How To Make One

Let’s make a festive burlap wreath! In this picture, Mary used an extra large 36 inch styrofoam wreath base (styrofoam wreath circle). You can use any size if you want to, but you will need to adjust the size of ribbon. Materials: 4 inch wired natural burlap ribbon (about 7 – 9 large rolls / depending on wreath base size). It’s always best to buy extra and take it back if you end up not needing it. Corsage pins (find {Read More}

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