Valentines Day Apothecary Jars And Clear Vases

Valentines Day Apothecary Jars And Clear Vases  Do you need a little Valentines Day inspiration to help fill your apothecary jars and clear vases ? Fill your apothecary jar or clear vase with cute little heart-shape marbles 21 Filler Ideas For Your Valentines Day Apothecary Jars And Clear Vases Pink or clear heart-shaped marbles Real candle
s (pink, white and red) for Valentines Day Potpourri 
(I use this one a lot because it’s cheap and it looks gorgeous) You can even {Read More}

Decorating With Pine Cones And A Clear Vase

Winter Decorating Decorating With Snow-Capped Pinecones And A Clear Vase My mother is truly one of the most talented decorators. Mary came up  with a fabulous and super easy decorating idea that I would like to share with you. Give your Valentines Day vase a new purpose this Winter I know that many of you will receive gorgeous roses from your husband’s this Valentines Day 2013, so why not re-use that giant clear vase for a winter centerpiece on your {Read More}

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