Easy Fall Burlap Picture

Easy Fall Burlap Unfinished Project I will complete the project during our class   I am so excited to announce that we will be making 2 craft projects on October 7th! Our 1st craft project – We will be making an easy Fall burlap picture that you can put on your fireplace mantel, hang on the wall, display on your bookcase or anywhere else because the decorating ideas for this little project are limitless. You can spell any seasonal word.  I {Read More}

Part II – The Food: Easy Fall Party Ideas For Children

  Part II – The Food: Easy Fall Party Ideas For Children I absolutely love entertaining adults in my home; However, after having children I have to admit that I love planning and hosting children’s parties.  I tend to think of myself as a simple easy DIY kind of person when it comes to decorating a child’s party, so I wanted to show you how I threw this party together in just a few short days. Tip – Choose One {Read More}

Easy Fall Party Ideas Just For Mommy’s: Pumpkin Centerpiece

Easy Fall Party Ideas Just For Mommy’s: Pumpkin Centerpiece I was looking for a really cute and easy DIY Fall-inspired centerpiece and party favor for my party last week.  I came across real pumpkin arrangements, so I decided to give it a try. How To Cut open the mini pumpkin using a very sharp knife and take out the seeds and pulp. Next cut a small piece of green styrophoam used for flowers and place inside the pumpkin. Fill the {Read More}

Ideas For Decorating Your Fireplace Mantel For Fall Time

Ideas For Decorating Your Fireplace Mantel For Fall Time   I absolutely love the fireplace mantel and how Mary placed a beautiful “woodsy” themed painting above her fireplace. Mary also placed colorful leaf garland all around the mantel as well. In another room, Mary decorated the base of the fireplace with pumpkins and acorns. Do you decorate your fireplace mantel for Fall-time?   Related posts: Fall Ideas Collage Fabulous And Easy Fall Ideas How To Decorate Your Home For Fall {Read More}

10 Ways To Get Your Home Ready For Fall

10 Ways To Get Your Home Ready For Fall Mix it up!  Add colorful pumpkins (vary the colors and textures) in every shape and size to your home. Fill up baskets with plastic or wooden pumpkins Fill a apothecary jar with small plastic pumpkins, cinnamon sticks, potpourri or gourds Fill a glass jar with real or fake Fall branches with colorful leaves in tacked Add a Fall centerpiece to your kitchen table   6. Add a Fall wreath to your {Read More}

Celebrate Fall With A Harvest Party

It’s Gorgeous This Time Of The Year, So Head Outdoors And Have A Good Ole’ Time And Celebrate Fall With A Harvest Party! Gather your family and friends over to your home and celebrate Fall with a harvest party.  Keep The Kids Busy With A Fun Autumn  Craft After dinner, whip out the pumpkin and paints. Invite guests to use their artistic skills to paint pretty designs or goofy faces on pumpkins.   Tip: Pour paint into old muffin tins {Read More}

How To Create An Easy Fall Table-Scape

How To Create An Easy Fall Table-Scape I purchased the burlap ribbon at Hobby Lobby store on sale! I purchased 2 different types of burlap ribbon, but I only used one of the ribbons for my table (the super thick orange burlap ribbon). I also purchased a burlap mat that you can cut to any size. I used the burlap mat as a table-runner.  How To Create An Easy Fall Table-Scape The Finished Look About Mommy Decorates Blog – I {Read More}

Pumpkin Arrangements

I absolutely love this time of the year when the air is crisp, leaves are changing colors and pumpkins are everywhere! Every year we visit a local pumpkin farm in the mountains and select our pumpkins to use all season. This year we decided to branch out from the normal perfect orange pumpkin and buy a few colorful looking ones to use on my front porch. If you don’t have time to visit a local pumpkin farm, then you still {Read More}

Welcome to our 1st Blog Post!

 Learn & Discover Welcome to MommyDecorates.com 1st blog post. I can’t believe the opening day has finally arrived. It’s exciting and humbling to look back over the last month and remember the creative blocks, stress and tears that I cried while putting this blog together from scratch. I had to discover over a short period of time that I needed more time during the day to get things done. I quickly learned that getting up 5:00 am while my home {Read More}

17 Ways To Fill Your Stylish Apothecary Jars, Vases & Bowls

Leave the top off the jar and use as a vase (Image courtesy of Pottery Barn) What to put in your apothecary jars, vases & bowls Real candle
s Potpourri 
(I use this one a lot because it’s cheap and it looks gorgeous) Fall leaves
 Tall branches (see picture below) Leaves Moss (I use this as a lot as the base of my jar and then add pine cones on top) Acorns Pine cones Curled ribbon (This would be cute for {Read More}

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