How To Create A Craft Class For A Women’s Ministry

How To Create A Craft Class For A Women’s Ministry  It all started a few years ago when I attended a free sewing class at a local church taught by Eva Harp ( I absolutely loved getting together once a month with other like-minded “sewing-crafty” moms who wanted to learn or improve their sewing skills. Well, after God laid it on my heart to start the craft class (read more about that here), I spoke with Eva and asked her {Read More}

10 Ways To Get Your Home Ready For Fall

10 Ways To Get Your Home Ready For Fall Mix it up!  Add colorful pumpkins (vary the colors and textures) in every shape and size to your home. Fill up baskets with plastic or wooden pumpkins Fill a apothecary jar with small plastic pumpkins, cinnamon sticks, potpourri or gourds Fill a glass jar with real or fake Fall branches with colorful leaves in tacked Add a Fall centerpiece to your kitchen table   6. Add a Fall wreath to your {Read More}

1 Picture Frame Decorated 4 Different Ways

1 Picture Frame Decorated 4 Different Ways Before Get creative today! Dress-up your boring picture frames with flowers or bows! I had a bunch of broken flower hair-bows and regular bows in my daughter’s room, so I just tore off the clip part and placed a little hot glue on the back of the flower and bow and then glued it to the photo frame. You could also change out the flowers on the frame for the different seasons. You {Read More}

Quick & Easy Valentines Day Glass Jars – Craft Using Chalkboard Labels

  Do you need a quick and easy Valentines Day idea for your child’s school party? Do you need a Valentines Day gift for your friend or child’s teacher? Take a look at my 2 quick and easy Valentines Day crafts that you can whip up in 30 minutes or less! Quick & Easy Valentines Day Glass Jars & Picture Frame Craft Using Chalkboard Labels  What You Need: Baby food Jars (clean them out before using) Roll  out chalkboard paper {Read More}

Last Minute Valentines Day Craft – Felt Envelope

No Sewing Required! Do you need to make a last minute Valentines Day craft for your little ones class ? Well, take a look at this super easy felt envelope that your children can whip up within a few minutes. NO sewing required either – Just all hot-glue (but you could also use fabric glue).   Valentines Day Felt Envelope & How To Make One What you need to make 4 Valentines Day felt envelopes 4 pieces of white felt (1 {Read More}

Christmas Advent Calendar Ideas

I absolutely love Christmas time, spending time with family, Santa Clause, shopping, decorating and of course eating lots of cookies! It seems that I sometimes forget the real meaning of Christmas when I get all caught up in the holiday season. Well, this year I decided we would do things differently around our home. I am the the Queen Bee Homemaker/Home-Manager of my home, so it’s up to me to come up with creative ideas for my children (hubby is {Read More}

Welcome to our 1st Blog Post!

 Learn & Discover Welcome to 1st blog post. I can’t believe the opening day has finally arrived. It’s exciting and humbling to look back over the last month and remember the creative blocks, stress and tears that I cried while putting this blog together from scratch. I had to discover over a short period of time that I needed more time during the day to get things done. I quickly learned that getting up 5:00 am while my home {Read More}

17 Ways To Fill Your Stylish Apothecary Jars, Vases & Bowls

Leave the top off the jar and use as a vase (Image courtesy of Pottery Barn) What to put in your apothecary jars, vases & bowls Real candle
s Potpourri 
(I use this one a lot because it’s cheap and it looks gorgeous) Fall leaves
 Tall branches (see picture below) Leaves Moss (I use this as a lot as the base of my jar and then add pine cones on top) Acorns Pine cones Curled ribbon (This would be cute for {Read More}

Autumn Crafts

Homemade Acorns   My mother made these cute little fabric acorns in less than an hour. How to: Collect acorn caps (not the whole acorn) from outside (very plentiful this time of year) from your oak trees or nature walk.  Next, cut a circle of silky fabric with sheen (2.5 inch circle)  and insert the cotton ball, Fold fabric around cotton ball and hand sew the ends or hot glue them together and lastly hot glue the top of the {Read More}

Set Your Fall Table

Take a look at these GORGEOUS Fall table settings!   Image courtesy of Pottery Barn         Related posts: 10 Ways To Get Your Home Ready For Fall Celebrate Fall With A Harvest Party Welcome to our 1st Blog Post! 17 Ways To Fill Your Stylish Apothecary Jars, Vases & Bowls Autumn Crafts Quick & Easy Fall Decor Smart Shortcuts For Easy Decorating Celebrate Autumn With Colorful Decor

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