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Craft Class Registration is OPEN

I am so excited to announce that registration for our Fall craft class on Tuesday November 11th  from 9:30 am – 11:50 pm is OPEN. Please fill in the form below.  I am still working out all of the details of our craft class. I will post our materials needed and the type of craft we will be making on by Monday October 13th.

This class is available or any mom who has small children at home or in school. We want to encourage you and help you make new friends!  Well, you don’t like crafts, you say? No problem! This class is non-intimidating and a great time to develop deeper relationships with other moms

When: Tuesday November 11, 2014

Where: First Baptist Woodstock in the B building basement

Time: 9:30 am – 11:50 pm (Class will start promptly at 9:30 am)

Time if you are using the childcare: { 9 am } You must be in the childcare lobby by 9:00 am to check in your children. It takes about 15 – 20 minutes to check them into their prospective classrooms. 

Who Can Come:  Moms who register using the form below since we only have 30 seats available. Get your seat NOW.  All attendees (that means YOU)  MUST register for the craft class ASAP because we only have 30 seats available. You must register for a class even if you don’t need childcare.

Childcare Requests: First Baptist Church Of Woodstock has been gracious to potentially offer free childcare to all of our attendees of our craft class.  I will need to turn in all registration forms by Tuesday October 14th, so if you do not sign up for childcare by the 14th, then you will not be able to be place on our list for free childcare; However, you can still come to the craft class.

Amount Of Children FBCW Can Accommodate Per Family: We can only allow 3 children per family to use the free childcare. We want everyone to enjoy the class and free childcare, so we have to limit the number to 3 per family – Sorry!

Cancellations: Please DO NOT CANCEL the childcare once you register unless your child(ren) are sick. Please DO NOT bring in sick children.  They will turn you away if you do.  Also, I am so sorry, but I am going to have to be a stickler about this one – I am keeping track of who cancels the class and if you cancel more than 1 time, then I will need to talk to you privately. Please understand that we registered 19 moms with children and 9 CANCELLED childcare the day before or didn’t even contact me to let me know they were canceling. It may not seem like a big deal to cancel your childcare registration, but I turned down a lot of moms who wanted to come to class, but missed the deadline for free childcare and then they could not come to class.

Please also understand that when you cancel the childcare after our deadline date for ANY other reason other than your child being sick, then you have to understand that it affects a lot of people – it becomes a domino effect. I cannot express this enough – Check your calendars before you register and make sure that you can make it. We want you and your healthy kids in class!!  I love you all! I promise – I just have to be a stickler because this is a free class and people will take advantage of it!

Also, the mother, parent or guardian MUST be present on the church property in order to use the childcare at FBCW.  I am so sorry, but you cannot bring a child as a visitor with you. The childcare is available ONLY for mothers/guardians who are registered for our class and in our class.

Childcare Availability: Bed babies through 5 years old and any child who is home schooled up to 5th grade; However, they MUST bring their homework with them.

Important: We want all moms to fully enjoy the craft class experience, fellowship with other moms, make new friends and be encouraged with one another.  We are not allowing any children (no babies either, sorry)  into our craft room due to the church providing FREE childcare for attendees on the property. Our craft room is also not a good place for children (small objects, hot glue guns, etc).

All attendees (that means YOU)  MUST register for the craft class ASAP because we only have 30 seats available. You must register for a class even if you don’t need childcare.



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