Red Burlap Wreath – Valentines Day


Try making a beautiful red burlap wreath this Valentines Day to hang above your fireplace or on your front door

Oversized Red Burlap Wreath Valentines Day


In this picture, Mary used an extra large 36 inch styrofoam wreath base (styrofoam wreath circle). You can use any size if you want to, but you will need to adjust the size of ribbon. She also added a red plaid ribbon to the top of the wreath for a finished look. She had extra red plaid ribbon left over from another project, so she decided to use it to make the wreath more interesting.


  • 4 inch wired natural burlap ribbon (about 7 – 9 large rolls / depending on wreath base size). It’s always best to buy extra and take it back if you end up not needing it.
  • Corsage pins (find at any craft or florist)
  • Styrofoam wreath (plain / non-decorated)  (find at any craft store)
  • Raffia (optional to hang from top of wreath)


  • Wrap the base using 4 inch wired natural burlap ribbon (Find burlap at your local craft store or florist)
  • Secure with corsage pins (Corsage pins were found in craft stores in the sewing section)
  • Using 6 inch natural wired burlap ribbon – Cut 20 inch individual pieces to form bows
  • Take each 20 inch piece of ribbon and fold in 1/2
  • Slightly gather the ends
  • Lay in a flat position on wreath base
  • Secure with 1  1/2 inch corsage pins (Corsage pins were found in craft stores in the sewing section)
  • Continue alternating individual ribbon bows all around the styrofoam wreath base (circle) filling in as needed to give a full look to wreath.
  • When finished pinning bows on the wreath base – Make sure that you go back and “fluff” the bows.
  • Mary also added in raffia strings at the top of the wreath.


How To Make Red Burlap Wreath





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