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Spring Bird Decorations

Quick And Easy Decorating Tips

My mommy friends are always asking me for advice on how to decorate their kitchen tables, dining rooms, playroom, kids rooms, living rooms and pretty much every other room in their homes.  Well, I am going to share some quick and easy decorating tips that you can do today in your home. You see, I typically change around my living room, kitchen area, playroom and children’s rooms about every couple of months. I know that this may seem extreme, but I absolutely LOVE changing my home decor around!

I typically shop in my own home when I change my house around every couple of months. I move around wall art from room to room, furniture gets moved from different rooms, and I typically re-arrange furniture in rooms.

Quick And Easy Decorating Changes

  1. Change out the pillows in a room from another room (sofa & beds)
  2. Change your lampshade to a different color or pattern
  3. Add a throw-blanket to your couch. Match the throw color to the season – (fuzzy brown or Winter white for Winter, soft-pastel colors for Spring, warm orange for Fall and baby blue for Summer).
  4. Move wall art
  5. Change out hand towels in the guest bathroom
  6. Put out a fresh comforter on our master bed with fresh linens
  7. Move chairs around from room to room
  8. Move lamps
  9. Move vases
  10. Change your bookcase decorations around from shelf to shelf
  11. Add seasonal decor to your side-tables and or coffee table
  12. Put slip-covers over your kitchen chairs.

I find my inspiration from magazines (I subscribe to a lot of great entertaining & home decorating ones), home-decorating stores, Pinterest, and model homes.

 Inspiration For Quick And Easy Decorating

Magazines – I cut out the pictures from the magazines and tape them onto a piece of white paper. I make an “inspiration board”, but in a very simple way of a room that I would like to re-decorate.

Pinterest – I make boards of all my favorite items and then print the items that I would like to buy, make or just simply inspire me with my own things.

Model homes – I absolutely LOVE looking at model homes and taking lots of pictures of each room and then re-creating what I saw in my own home. I usually print the pictures from the model home on my home computer and then make an “inspiration board” from the pictures.

Home-decorating stores – This is where the fun begins! I buy my things that I’ve been collecting on my “inspiration board”. I may take pictures of displays of things that I like at the store and try to implement it in my home as well.

Mary (My mom) – She is truly one of the most talented women that I have ever met. She is always coming up with neat ideas for each season to decorate her home. You can see that she’s been busy preparing for Spring (pictures on this page). You are very lucky because if you SUBSCRIBE to our blog (button at top in hot pink), then you will receive inspirational photos and advice from Mary as well!

Spring Moss Balls & Spring Decorations

Spring Moss Balls & Spring Decorations


I know from experience that if your home is organized where you can find seasonal decorations, extra lampshades  and pillows and so on, then you will be motivated to change your home around more.

Do you need organizing tips and pictures to help you start organizing today?  Follow my {Organizing And Storage} “pins”  on Pinterest by clicking here 

  • Pictures – Spring decor made by Mary!
  • Article – Written by Serra

 Stay Tuned – Lots Of Spring Decorating Ideas Coming Soon!! Now Go Decorate!

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