Mommy Guilt or Pride?

Mommy Guilt or Pride?


People using the phrase “mommy guilt” is every present in this culture as a feeling of guilt when they perceive they aren’t being the best they can be, or are doing life differently than other moms. I was having a conversation the other day with my husband about this; he simple said “that’s not guilt, that’s pride.”  Ouch! That was painful and convicting for me to say the least. There is SO much pressure on mothers today, to be a domestic goddess, be gorgeous and fit, have an incredible social life, volunteer for community or church events, and not to mention just being an overall creative and sensational wife and mother. The problem that lies with our mentality is the comparison and pride.

We desire our life to look perfect and when we have illness, financial difficulty, hard pregnancy, or other difficulty we feel guilty about not having it all together. It stems from one thing- PRIDE. We want to have it all together. Where are the woman of today who will be honest enough to say I don’t have my life together but I am trying each day to be the best I can be with the Lord’s strength and direction? Stop feeling guilty over the pressure of “requirements” from other people, and start savoring in the goodness the Lord has given you today and not wallowing in the guilt of expectations from others.

When we expect too much of ourselves or of others we get caught in this “mommy guilt” nightmare and can’t enjoy the wonderful things we do have. Remember that each family has their own unique convictions and direction they are going in, instead of comparing yours and feeling guilty that you aren’t doing the same, take pleasure in the way God is leading your particular family and bask in His blessings as you walk in obedience.


Article written by : Brittany Price

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