How To Change The Look Of Your Pantry Door Knobs

Changing Out Knobs

How To Change The Look Of Your Pantry Door Knobs

I don’t know about you, but I absolutely could not stand the builder-grade knobs on my pantry doors in my kitchen. It made my whole kitchen look cheap and ugly.  I suffered through the “blah look” for over 6-years before finally deciding to change it. Well, I knew that I had a small budget for changing the look, so I began scouring Pottery Barn catalogs and stores for the perfect knobs, but everywhere I looked they were too expensive for my tiny budget.

I decided to visit I Hobby Lobby last weekend with my husband when they were having a sale on knobs. Hobby Lobby has an amazing selection of knobs for in every color and style for all under $10.  I bought these gorgeous knobs on sale for $5 total.  My husband installed the knobs in less than 5-minutes. He  just took the screws out from the old knobs and replaced it with the new knobs! It was super easy, cheap and quick!

Decorator’s Tip

Make sure that you spray the knobs with Rust-oleum Painter’s Touch Ultra Cover 2X Matte Clear spray (It helps seal and protect the knobs from rusting). I found the spray at Home Depot. You might need to pick up extra screws at Home Depot for the knobs if they are not long enough for your new knobs!

How To Change The Look Of Your Pantry Door Knobs


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