Cupcake Holder Flowers For Spring

Cupcake Holder Flowers For Spring


2 Cupcake Holder Flowers Collage

Turn your ordinary cupcake holders / liners into beautiful Spring flowers today.


  • 3 regular sized Cupcake holders / Liners (Spring colors) and 2 small ones
  • You can always add more regular sized cupcake holders / liners to the flower. In fact, the more holders / liners you add the better it looks!
  • Hot glue gun / 1 glue stick

Green Cupcake Holder Flower Collage


How to make a cupcake holder flower for Spring 

  • Use 2 large cupcake holders / liners and 3 regular sized cupcake holders / liners to make this flower.
  • Just hot-glue the cupcake holders together in step 4

Cupcake Holder Flower Pink

Decorating Tip

I took the cupcake holder / liner flower and hot glued a small egg in the middle. Next, I placed it inside a cute little plastic box. Next, I placed 2 small hair-bows next to the flower. I wanted to dress-up the little gift for a friend’s daughter, so I thought the cupcake flowers would make the gift extra special ! 

Cupcake Holder Flower Hair-bow

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