Craft And Sewing Room Ideas And Pictures

Craft And Sewing

Room Ideas And Pictures


A little background information just for you:

I am giving you a little sneak peak into my craft room make-over. I will show you before and after pictures over the next week and over the next month pictures of my progress in the craft room. I hope that you enjoy. Let’s Go!


I am currently updating my craft room. It’s been such a big mess for many years and not very inspiring. I would just walk in there and then walk out because it was so cluttered. It’s taken me a few days so far re-arranging furniture, moving decor around and organizing all of my little trinkets, but I’m finally getting it done!

Canning jars for DIY homemade projects

Organizing sewing supplies & fabric


Sewing supplies on a cupcake stand

Pretty tray holds "quickly needed" supplies

Craft table / Cutting table

Cute little basket holding fabric

My computer desk with a Summer table-runner on it

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