Moms Making Friends And Growing Our Craft Class

Moms Making Friends And Growing Our Craft Class One of the main reasons that I started the Mommy Decorates craft class was to build GREAT friendships among women without distractions of kids (read more here).   I started the Mommy Decorates craft class off with announcements (click here to see my overview of the class), and a  brief devotional about friendships before we dived into our craft. During our devotional time, we learned how to become authentic and vulnerable with our friends, being {Read More}

Mommy Decorates Founder Serra Deville

A little bit about Mommy Decorates Founder Serra Deville: I am a wife, mommy and extreme seasonal decorator by nature!  I am truly humbled and blessed to be a mommy. I grew up with mother who is an extreme seasonal decorator. Honestly, extreme seasonal decorating is in my DNA!  My mother changes her home decor every season till this day. She sews her own chair covers, curtains, place-mats, napkins,  and pillows for every season.  She also paints her own art, changes bedspreads every {Read More}

Get Featured On Mommy Decorates Blog

ATTENTION!!   Get Featured On Mommy Decorates Blog!  I would love to feature our readers on the Mommy Decorates Blog. Do You Want to be featured On Our NEW “Mommy Decorates Reader Corner” On The Blog?  Are you a talented mommy who has a passion for sharing her wealth of knowledge with others? Do You have awesome decorating, DIY project, recipe, entertaining or craft idea you want to share?  Well, I am looking for great projects made by MOMMY’S !! {Read More}

Working Mom And Stay-At-Home-Mom

Working Mom And Stay-At-Home-Mom I tend to call myself a stay-at-home mom even though I do own and a operate very successful company. I should tell you – all glory for my success is from God. I’m just a messenger. You see, I started a company over 10-years ago called Georgia’s Dream Nannies, Inc. long before I ever started the Mommy Decorates Blog. I can sincerely tell you that God gave me the unbelievable dream and truly led me every {Read More}

How To Live Out Your Dream As A Stay-At-Home Mommy

How To Live Out Your Dream As A Stay-At-Home Mommy It all started in 2003….God set a dream in my heart that I didn’t even think twice about not implementing. You see, I’ve struggled over the years with other “Dreams” that have come in and out of my heart because I was never sure if it was God telling me to go forward or not, so most of the time I’ve shrugged it off and moved on, till I started {Read More}

Mother’s Day Inspiration

An update to a post that I did several months ago Mother’s Day Inspiration I love being a homemaker because it gives me opportunities to express my creativity in so many ways. I love blessing my family and friends with a clean and decorated home, but I have a confession to make…… First of all, let me begin this blog post off by saying that I cannot believe that Mother’s Day is just right around the corner. Happy Mother’s Day {Read More}

Parents Are No Longer The Most Important People In The Family

Parents Are No Longer The Most Important People In The Family   Back in the Day John Rosemond Copyright 2013, John K. Rosemond             When I was a child, back in the Parenting Stone Age (a.k.a. the Parentocentric Era), your parents were the most important people in the family. They paid the bills, bought your clothes, prepared the food you ate, took care of you when you were sick, drove you to where you needed to be, tucked you in, and {Read More}

Mommy Guilt or Pride?

Mommy Guilt or Pride?   People using the phrase “mommy guilt” is every present in this culture as a feeling of guilt when they perceive they aren’t being the best they can be, or are doing life differently than other moms. I was having a conversation the other day with my husband about this; he simple said “that’s not guilt, that’s pride.”  Ouch! That was painful and convicting for me to say the least. There is SO much pressure on {Read More}

Perfecting Motherhood Article

Perfecting Motherhood  What a blessing and true honor it is for to share the heart-felt article below about perfecting motherhood for all of our readers. My sweet friend Brittany Price wrote the article, and I truly believe that most mommy readers (if not all)  can relate to it.  Thanks Brittany for sharing the truth about perfecting motherhood!  Perfectly manicured hands, pre-baby body back and feeling good as I finish up my hour-long workout before my baby wakes up.  I’m {Read More}

Giving Everyday Tasks Meaning

Giving Everyday Tasks Meaning Photography By: Kasia Sutton Photography Is your “Mommy” To-Do list overwhelming ? Do you ever feel that your work at home is meaningless in the grand scheme of life, so you just put off doing them. For instance, I would rather play with my kids, then fold that HUGE pile of clothes in my laundry basket or prep food (chop vegetables and marinate chicken) for tonight’s dinner. Tasks that may overwhelm you: cleaning toilets ironing scrubbing {Read More}

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