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All About Mary

Growing Up – My name is Mary and the love and enjoyment of decorating began as a small child. I am the baby of five children. My siblings were all pretty much grown up and out of the house when I came along, therefore I had to come up with ways to entertain myself. I remember my mama giving me discarded cardboard shoe boxes. I stacked these together and put them side by side to make doll houses. I then cut out of the Sears Roebuck catalogue pictures of ladies, men and children and glued them to the cardboard to make y dolls. I fashioned curtains out of scraps of lace or cloth. Sometimes, I would take it outside under our huge magnolia tree where my sand pile was and fashion a yard out of moss, twigs and flowers. I was entertained for hours.

As my nieces came along, I was only 6-years older than them, so I would take them on excursions to our nearby woods. In late Fall to Christmas, we would gather cuckle burs. I actually believed these were the fortune to Velcro. For city folks, these are spiky little burballs grown on bushes. We would fill a small paper bags with white flour drop the burrs and shake, voila! After pressing them together we formed trees and bushes. They looked like snow figures. We would then decorate the mantels with them. Always encourage your children to be creative!


I love to paint with acrylics and oils on large canvases. My favorite things to paint have been flowers and sea shells. I make my own flower arrangements. I really like flowers or leaves that look realistic, which goes back to my love of nature as a child My favorite thing to do is table-scapes. I have many seasonal dishes, place-mats, napkins, napkin rings to accomplish this. I have collected these over the years.

Seasonal Changes

I was always crafting, painting or gardening as a young mother. It wasn’t until I started visiting new model homes fully decorated that my new love for decorated exploded. I began seasonal changes all over the house from the front door to the entry, dining room, living room to the kitchen. If I happen to run a little late, changing out the seasonal decor, then my 2 children would come home from school and say “mom what’s the deal it’s the end of September, where is all the Fall stuff ! ” They began to expect seasonal changes.

Needless, to say my daughter, Serra (Author of has become a chip off the old block ! We love to swap ideas and show each other what we’ve done in our own homes.Decorating and creating can be such a form of relaxation, not to mention expanding your creative mind. God gave us all different talents, so try out yours today!  Please don’t be afraid or ashamed the first few go rounds. If you like it, that’s what matters.

Come along with Serra and I to transform your personal world. 

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By the way – Mary has NEVER colored her hair!!! She’s still a natural blond – Amazing !!

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