10 DIY Apothecary Jar Fillers For Spring

10 DIY Apothecary Jar Fillers For Spring

My mother and I absolutely love decorating our homes for Spring. We also love using apothecary jars for quick and easy Spring decor to liven up our spaces. Take a peak at the apothecary jars below filled with all kinds of Spring-time goodies. 

10 Apothecary Jar Filler Ideas

  1. Green moss with faux bird eggs 
  2. Spring figurines
  3. Natural looking birds nests
  4. Faux birds sitting on top of moss or rocks
  5. Butterflies laying on-top of moss
  6. Brown shredded paper (Easter grass in a natural color) as the base of the apothecary jar and then add a Spring figurine like a bunny
  7. Real flowers (use brown, white and gray colored rocks and water as the base)
  8. Faux flowers (use brown, white and gray colored rocks as the base to hold the flowers)
  9. Faux potted plant or flower
  10. Faux flower with bulb attached to stem (see picture below)

10 Ways To Decorate With Apothecary Jars / Clear Vases In Your Home ?  

  1. Place the decorated apothecary jars on your fireplace mantel (one on each side)
  2. Use the apothecary jars / clear vases on your bookshelves
  3. Centerpiece on your dining room table
  4. Centerpiece on your kitchen table
  5. Kitchen Island centerpiece 
  6. In your bathroom next to your sink
  7. Decorate your sofa table with apothecary jars / clear vases
  8. Decorate your side table apothecary jars / clear vases
  9. Add a little pizazz to your boring coffee table apothecary jars / clear vases
  10. Make your night-stand beautiful by decorating with apothecary jars / clear vases

Spring Apothecary Jars And Fillers

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